How To Start A Career In Photography In 2020 From Scratch [Step By Step Guide]

Due to the huge growth of social media in the last few years, photography becomes a popular topic in many peoples. To upload in different social media Peoples are taking their pictures with their mobile phones, DSLR, SLR, etc all the time.

Before few years peoples were not serious about photography. They dint thinks about starting photography as a career. Nowadays peoples are becoming serious about the topic of photography. Peoples are seeking their whole career in the field of photography.

We can find a lot of professional photographers. They are already making their career in the field of photography and they are able to make a huge amount of money too.

So, Do you want to know how to start a career in Photography in 2020?

It might be confusing at the beginning, what’s the first step to take? Many professional photographers will tell you there is no single way to enter in the photography field.

So don’t worry I am here to help you. Starting photography is not complicated at all, but all you need some guidance, which helps you to start a career in Photography in 2020. Here are our easy steps;

1. Choose A Niche For Your Photography

The field of photography is very vast and peoples think choosing a perfect niche is very difficult. But actually choosing a niche is easy and simple.

Just try every type of photography. Go to different places and capture different types of photos and collect them carefully.

In the end, just compare all the types of photos and think once at what time you were feeling good and excited to take photos. Then you will find your perfect niche easily.

some of the niches are; wedding photography, Portrait photography, landscape photography, food photography, nature photography, sports photography, fashion photography, etc.

2.Invest On Learning Not On Gears

Caring for a new camera and camera gadgets doesn’t make you a professional photographer. People think that only expensive cameras and gears take the best photos which is one of the great mistakes done by beginner photographers make.

At the beginning stage, you should invest your money in learning, not on the expensive camera and gears. I don’t mean that camera and gears don’t matter it matters. But you should know all the basics before using these gears.

Suppose you have an expensive drone but you don’t have the knowledge of maps and other things like GPS, then what is the meaning of having an expensive drone.

So I suggest you invest money in learning than the expensive gears. Start learning with what you have which can be anything mobile phone, SLR camera, budget DSLR, etc.

Some of the online learning places are Youtube , skillshare,udemy etc. you can also learn offline too.

3. Find Your Inspiration

Inspiration comes from a variety of ways. For example, some photographers take inspiration from their favorite photographers, some take inspiration from the nature of some from the videos.

Here I will give you a real example; I have a friend who loves taking pictures of nature. He always busies taking pictures of nature. If he gets the camera and a good environment he never says I am hungry and other anything else. One day I asked with him how do you get such a great inspiration even you don’t ask me for water from the last 6 hours .you are just taking the picture, and he said this is my inspiration the sound of blowing the air, floating water and the sound of birds and nature.

Here we can easily find he is taking inspiration from his own niche of photography; nature photography. So inspiration can be anything you can find the inspiration anywhere.

So find your inspiration which always helps you to do work easily and more conveniently.

you can find inspiration through the Instagram models.

4. Take Your Camera Everywhere

Always try to take your camera everywhere. You will never make your good photo only sitting at your home. You have to explore and try everything whatever you see. Do not miss any opportunity to take a picture.

I know a caring camera everywhere is difficult because of its size and many factors. But we all know that “No Pain No Gain”

If you really feel you can’t take your camera everywhere just make your smartphone a camera. there is a lot of portable cameras in the market also. I can suggest some of them also.If you want then comment down below I will give you the list of some portable camera gears.

5. Try To Capture In Manual mode

You might have already listened from many professional photographers if you follow some professional photographers; try to learn and shoot in manual mode.

Manual mode gives you full control over your photo which you are going to take. You can adjust all the features like white balance, focus, iso, etc.

6. Keep It Simple

Always try to keep your picture simple and storytelling keep everything easy and manageable. Keep your price structure and finances straightforward and easy to manage efficiently. This also makes your client interactions simpler and less time-intensive.

7.Participate in Competitions

Once you learn all the things which are mentioned above try to take participate in different competitions. Taking part in competitions does not mean that we must win the competition, By taking part in different competitions gives you more practice in the field of photography.

As we all know practice makes a man perfect, we will have more practice after taking part in such competitions. Try to take part in every competition from the local level to a high level.

I am sure that from the competitions you will get more knowledge in the field of photography. From the competitions, you will get more friends in the field of your interest so that you can explore. Competitions also provide you with a great platform to showcase your talent and the skills you have acquired.


If you need any help to start a career in Photography in 2020 propicturelens is always there.















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