Photograph A Burger With Mobile Like Professional

Today’s smartphone cameras are becoming more advanced and professional than in the past. Most of the photos found in social media are taken with the smartphone.

Only by having an advance camera smartphone does not make you a better photographer. To take a good picture you most have knowledge of using the gear properly.

There are many types of photography niches, Food photography is one of them. If you search #foodphotography in any social media or in google you will found more than 46 million posts according to google update 2019.

Food photography is a very vast course, today I will teach you how to photograph a burger with a mobile-like professional. I am going to make a full course of food photography if you want to learn just sign up and subscribe to our newsletter and comment down below if you need it or not.

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Try to photograph a burger with mobile  in fresh condition:

The food looks good if it will look fresh. So take pictures of fresh burgers only. In the picture, it is difficult to show how the burger is actually fresh or not fresh so always try to take all the colors available in the burger which makes your burger look fresh. Here in this photo, you can see all the highlights and it looks fresh because of highlights so try to take a burger photo with all the highlights available in the burger.

Shoot in natural light:

Always try to take a photo in the natural light. Natural light makes your burger look realistic. If you shoot the burger photo in artificial light it will look dramatic. So I suggest avoiding the artificial light while taking the picture of a burger. If you do not have natural light inside the room just try to take a picture by going near to windows and door.

Neutral Background

Always check the background before taking the picture of any food not only a burger. Do not put a lot of unnecessary things in the background just focus on the subject I mean burger. Make sure that the background is clear or having a few decorative things that are a need for the burger. Here in this picture, you can see the empty background which makes a picture good.

Close shot

Try to take a close shot of the burger so that all the layers of a burger can be seen easily. Do not zoom just take your mobile near to take the perfect close shoot of the burger. If you take a close shoot all the layers will be seen and we can know how the burger is made with what ingredients. This makes your photo awesome.

use rule of third

Always try to have some negative space in the image. Negative space is the area in the image that is empty. Positive space is the area that is taken up by your subjects.

Try to make some space around the focus subject that it will be easy to focus the burger while clicking the picture. Here in this photo, you can easily see how the rule of third helps in the photograph a burger with a mobile in a professional way.

Best angle

Try to find the best angle while taking a picture of a burger. Try to take shot from different angles so that you can choose one best angle after taking all the pictures.


Editing does not come in taking a picture but editing means to compose or try to make the picture beautiful without a camera by only software. some times we suppose to take a picture with one idea but it comes different in the image, some times perfect exposure or shadow disturbs. These all things can be done in editing.

I have made a list of some best editing applications just check it out you will really found these applications helpful.

Click here to view the best editing applications

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